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Refractory Engineering Solutions for Aluminium Foundry

SETIC LTDdesignes and manufactures a wide range of products for the Aluminium Industry.

Looking forward to find out the most innovating enginnering solutions and within the international highest tecnological level, SETIC LTD technical team works with the most demanding aluminium producers and with the support of the best technological centers.

In SETIC LTD we have??metallic/ceramic slurry technology??- BUSOR - which offers a??solutions to the more arduous applications??that require mechanical strength within key areas.
SETIC has??integrated a new concept??into furnace??linings, with it's 'Big Block'??methodology with the ability install??precast pre-dried??shapes, thus improving turn-around times of installations.


Reverberatory Furnace for Aluminium Foundry Melting Tower for Furnaces Aluminium Foundry
Rotary Furnaces for Aluminium Foundry  CIF Coreless Induction Furnaces
Dosing Furnaces for Aluminium Foundry Ladles
?? Pouring System

Aluminium Foundry

Setic supply a complete range of quality refractory and industrial consumables to the molten metal and heat industries.